Are you worried about taking medication during your pregnancy?

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Do you need support during the most precious stage of your life?

Whether you’re planning for pregnancy or are pregnant or breastfeeding, you probably have lots of questions about if and how your child could be affected by your medication. The Ouiiou team provides you with advice backed by science so that you can either continue taking your medication with peace of mind or switch to more suitable medication in consultation with your doctor.

Planning for pregnancy

Are you taking regular medication for a chronic, long-term condition? Are you taking medication in the short or medium term to treat an acute condition?

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Are you pregnant and do you occasionally or regularly take medication? Is it safe for you to continue taking this medication for the duration of your pregnancy? What alternatives are there?

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Are you taking regular medication while breastfeeding your child? Do you want to continue safely breastfeeding while taking medication for an acute, short-term condition?

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Book a Ouiiou consultation and find out if your medication is safe for your baby

  • Gain comprehensive advice on the risks and safety of your medication before, during and after pregnancy.
  • Make decisions on the basis of sound scientific advice from pharmaceutical experts.
  • Share the written report from your personal Ouiiou consultation with your doctor.
  • Take your medication for acute or chronic conditions with peace of mind.

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What women say about the Ouiiou consultation


I was diagnosed with depression 2 years ago. I felt much better when I started taking sertraline. When I started planning my pregnancy I needed to know if I could keep on taking my medicine. The thought of giving up sertraline was as scary as the thought that it could be harmful to my baby. The Ouiiou advice was very reliable and my questions were answered step by step. The support from Ouiiou also helped me with my doctors appointments. I hold Ouiiou in the highest praise.
Joyce (depression)

I’ve suffered from hay fever for years, especially in spring. I always take cetirizine and it really helps. Then when I was pregnant with my first child I didn’t know how to cope with the sneezing, runny nose and itchy, red eyes without endangering my unborn child. The Ouiiou consultant gave me lots of useful tips and I was relieved to find out that I could treat my allergy during my pregnancy. I totally recommend Ouiiou.
Estelle (allergy)

I’ve had asthma since I was a child and have it under control with fluticasone and salbutamol. I was really worried when I found out that I was pregnant that my asthma medication could harm my unborn baby. I tried doing without my asthma sprays but realised I was getting very out of breath easily when I did sports and I woke up with coughing attacks at night. Ouiiou advised me how important it was for me and my baby to continue my asthma medication. They recommended I see my doctor and the written report from Ouiiou was very useful for him. The rest of the pregnancy was a breeze.
Dilara (asthma)

After just 3 weeks my daughter and I were a dream team when it came to breastfeeding. But then I developed a painful lump in my left breast with fever and headache. I was so ill after 2 days that the doctor prescribed me Dicloxacillin. I was really worried that the antibiotic would be bad for my baby. At Ouiiou I found out that I didn’t need to worry. I warmly recommend Ouiiou advice for any questions during breastfeeding.
Derya (mastitis)

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease years ago. At first I took Mesalazine and Azathioprine but because the Crohn’s wasn’t under control, my medication was changed to Infliximab. It was very difficult to find out any information about my medication for Crohn’s during pregnancy. After ages looking in the internet I found Ouiiou and got very good advice.
Anastasija (Crohn’s disease)

I’ve suffered from epileptic fits since my childhood and take lamotrigine to keep them under control. When I read up about taking lamotrigine during pregnancy I found conflicting information which made me worried. The Ouiiou team counselled me so that I could understand and process the information. They also gave me a written report for my paediatrician so that he could monitor my baby better. That meant I could breastfeed my baby with a good conscience.
Maja (epilepsy)



You are just 3 simple steps away from your personal consultation

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Choose the type of consultation and book an appointment online..

Tell us about yourself

Answer a few questions about your situation and tell us which medicines you need advice about.

Receive advice

Receive personalised advice about the safety of your medicines during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Hello. Do have any other questions?

How can I book an appointment?
Choose the scope of the consultation and simply book an appointment online for a conversation. As soon as we receive the booking you will get confirmation by email.
How do I become a myOuiiou premium member?
When booking your consultation, choose the myOuiiou premium membership as the scope of advice. myOuiiou premium membership offers the advantage of further support for other inquiries.
As a myOuiiou premium member, do I have to pay for another consultation if I want to ask more questions?
No. Future consultations for additional questions that arise during your pregnancy and breastfeeding are covered by your myOuiiou premium membership.
Is the connection secure for the online consultation?
Data protection is our top priority. The consultation takes place on a certified and secure video platform.
What do I need for the online consultation?
You need to access the internet on your PC or laptop, have an up-to-date internet browser as well as a webcam, a speaker and a microphone. No software installation is required.
Can I also use my smartphone or tablet for the online consultation?
Yes, you can also use your smartphone or tablet for the consultation. However, we recommend a PC or laptop.
Who am I talking to during the consultation?
You will be talking to pharmacists from the team of Montanus Apotheke Bergisch Gladbach who are specialised in the personalised advice to pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.
What can I expect from a consultation?
A consultation should help you answer the questions you have in connection with drug therapy during pregnancy and breastfeeding and correctly assess possible risks for you and your child.
A consultation includes:
  • Clarification of your personal questions
  • Collection of your personal health history
  • Evaluation of available medical findings
  • Listing all the medications you are taking
  • Comprehensive advice based on the current scientific evidence
How do I get the written report?
You will get the written report by email within 24 hours of your consultation.


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